Fish Prints’ “Curiously Composed” sounds signed up for MiniDisc Day

Founded by darkwave artist Petridisch in 2018, Fish Prints Inc. aims to bring curiously composed sounds to the world, past and present, with no specific or planned genre ties binding.

They become the latest label to sign up for the first MiniDisc Day, and for the uninitiated, they release music on cassette, CD, and handmade minidisc editions – in addition to limited related ephemera.

Check out the current roster on BANDCAMP.

Label head – Thor Maillet – said:

When the idea of IMD was presented to us, we couldn’t resist participating! Clearly everyone involved is doing this for the pure love of Music on Minidisc, and all presented in our own styles. FP truly believes MD is the best of CD and cassette type technologies rolled into a palm-sized rewriteable (permanetly cased) disc, with unique compression (ATRAC) that offers a truly different sound from any other physical format.

Thor Maillet, Fish Prints

Hiraeth Confirms MiniDisc Day Participation

Hiraeth Records is the latest label to sign up for MiniDisc Day on March 7th! 

Founded by 猫シ Corp., Hiraeth specialise in music ranging from vaporwave to dark ambient and is based in Netherlands, Europe.

Hiraeth Records was founded in late 2018 and started releasing records in 2019. The name comes from the iconic vaporwave album title “Hiraeth”, by 猫 シ Corp.

Check them out now on BANDCAMP.

Stay tuned for more news! We’ll be announcing individual releases throughout the next few weeks. 


1) homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, or for a home which may have never been
2) an intense form of longing or nostalgia, wistfulness

3) the grief for the lost places of your past

BREAKING: Palm ’84 Sign Up for MiniDisc Day

Influential Vaporwave label – Palm ’84 – is the latest to sign up for MiniDisc Day – an event organised by the founder of My Pet Flamingo to celebrate the enduring love many music fans feel for MiniDiscs. 

Established in 2018, Palm ’84 put out new releases every Saturday and have worked with scene luminaries including: Tupperwave, HATENA, UNI DELUXE and ConsciousThoughts.

Check out their back catalogue on BANDCAMP.

Stay tuned for more news! We’ll be announcing individual releases throughout the next few weeks. 

One for The Lovers as Timecop 1983 signs up for MiniDisc Day

Synthwave legend Timecop 1983 will be taking part in MiniDisc Day 2020 with an MD edition of his seminal EPs – Lovers Part 1 & 2.

Timecop 1983 – from Eindhoven in the Netherlands – is known for his cinematic ‘Dreamwave’ production style, and his album ‘Night Drive’ became the first synthwave album pressed to MiniDisc when it was released last year.

Originally released as two separate digital EPs on Timecop’s BANDCAMP, TimeSlave Recordings have signed ‘Lovers’ up for MiniDisc Day.

Label founder, Enzo Van Baelen, said:

“Jordy is one of the best producers out there and he’s a trailblazer anyway having been the first retrowave producer to release on MiniDisc.

“This, however, is an album that has never been released on physical formats of any kind and it’s a beautiful collection of Dreamwave songs.”

Enzo Van Baelen, TimeSlave Recordings

Coraspect to take part in MiniDisc Day 2020

We’re extremely pleased to be able to confirm that Coraspect Records will be taking part in the first MiniDisc Day!

Famous in the future funk and vaporwave scenes for prestigious vinyl pressings, Coraspect have put out high end material from artists including: Fibre, Pad Chennington, ev.exi, Tokyo Wanderer and many more besides.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts for more information on official MiniDisc Day releases! And, If you want to register your release, you’ve got until the 1st February 2020. Simply email us at or visit our portal HERE.

MiniDisc Day is here!

The future isn’t a cassette. It’s MiniDisc…

Or at least that’s what Sony once claimed. Either way, if you love MiniDisc then you’ll want to be a part of this celebration of a format that lives on in our hearts – and which is being embraced once more by labels, musicians and collectors the world over.

On March 7th we’ll be celebrating the ever stylish MiniDisc.

Follow us for more information about the labels and artists taking part, and to find out where you can get your fix of MiniDisc action on the day itself. We’ll be keeping this site updated as new labels sign up and in early February we’ll announce all of MiniDisc Day’s official releases.

If you want to register your release you’ve got until the 1st February 2020. Simply email us at or visit our portal HERE.