First Wave of MiniDisc Day Labels Unveiled!

We’re proud to announce the first wave in labels and artists taking part in the first ever MiniDisc Day!

Over the next few days we’ll be publishing a comprehensive list of releases coming out on the 7th March – as well as letting you know where you can go to purchase them. As you can see, MiniDiscs are well and truly back and it’s great to see so many independent labels taking part in reviving our favourite format…

Underwater Computing_ [France]

Fish Prints inc. [Boston, Massachusetts]

猫 シ Corp. [Netherlands]

Fennec Records [UK]

Needlejuice Records [USA]

TimeSlave Recordings [Wales]

Aloe City Records [UK]

Houdini Mansions [USA]

Seaside Tapes [Netherlands]

Stadin Records [Finland]

Palm ’84 [Marshall Islands]

Vape Tapes [USA]

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