One for The Lovers as Timecop 1983 signs up for MiniDisc Day

Synthwave legend Timecop 1983 will be taking part in MiniDisc Day 2020 with an MD edition of his seminal EPs – Lovers Part 1 & 2.

Timecop 1983 – from Eindhoven in the Netherlands – is known for his cinematic ‘Dreamwave’ production style, and his album ‘Night Drive’ became the first synthwave album pressed to MiniDisc when it was released last year.

Originally released as two separate digital EPs on Timecop’s BANDCAMP, TimeSlave Recordings have signed ‘Lovers’ up for MiniDisc Day.

Label founder, Enzo Van Baelen, said:

“Jordy is one of the best producers out there and he’s a trailblazer anyway having been the first retrowave producer to release on MiniDisc.

“This, however, is an album that has never been released on physical formats of any kind and it’s a beautiful collection of Dreamwave songs.”

Enzo Van Baelen, TimeSlave Recordings

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