MiniDisc Day 2021 – Official Releases Confirmed

The long wait is over and we’re proud to announce that an amazing 30 labels are taking part in MiniDisc Day this year! 

A total of 55 official releases will be dropping on June 5th, as we celebrate the MiniDisc revival once again.

MiniDisc Day – Official Releases 

[® AV limited ™] hofuku sochi 報復措置 P U D E R P O L L I | サンプルプレーヤー LINK

[Adeptus Minor] I Kno & Metro West | O ROSE LINK

[Aloe City Records] Macroblank | 行方不明 LINK

[Aloe City Records] Oblique Occasions | Sable Covenant LINK

[Beetawave Records] Analogue Electronic Whatever | 5 – Boys Toys Electric Irons & TV’s LINK

[Black Ring Rituals Records] Boar | Pulverized Shot LINK

[Fennec Records] NTHN | Primary Structures LINK

[Fish Prints] Jacuzzi Twins | Jacuzzi Twins LINK

[Fish Prints] Petridisch | Amaranth Event LINK

[GIVE/TAKE] Double Diamond Sun Body | 1 LINK

[GIVE/TAKE] KPT | Obliterate LINK

[Husk Recordings] MartiniEldritch | CATALYST GUY! LINK

[Kanga Corp] Happen | G-POP LINK

[Lemon Lime Music] KBH | KBH LINK

[Midwest Collective] Eyeliner | High Fashion Mood Music / LARP Of Luxury / BUY NOW (Deluxe Edition) TRIPLE PACK LINK

[My Pet Flamingo] synchro//start | Ghost City LINK

[My Pet Flamingo] Luxury Elite | Blind Date/Rose Quartz LINK

[My Pet Flamingo] Bl00dwave | Distance LINK

[My Pet Flamingo] Saint Pepsi | World Tour LINK

[n5MD] vcam | Cycle LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Tally Hall | Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Billy Cobb | Zerwee, Pt. 2 LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Coaltar of the Deepers | Revenge of the Visitors LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Lemon Demon | View-Monster LINK

[Needlejuice Records] The Scary Jokes | Burn Pygmalion!!! A Better Guide to Romance LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Eldren | Miss Information Aged LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears | Flight of the Knife LINK

[Needlejuice Records] MindSpring Memories | ॐ LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Desert Sand Feels Warm at Night | 新世界の弟子たち LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Kawai Sprite | Friday Night Funkin’ OST Vol. 1 LINK

[Needlejuice Records] Logan Whitehurst | Goodbye, My 4-Track LINK

[Nitrate Records] Nitrate | Open Wide LINK

[Nitrate Records] Nitrate | Realworld LINK

[Pacific Plaza Records] DATAGIRL | Destination Spa LINK

[Pacific Plaza Records] eventual infinity | departure LINK

[Pacific Plaza Records] VANITAS命死 | Chromatic Readymades From Yourself LINK

[RetroReverbRecords] Various Artists | MiniDisc Compilation Vol.2 LINK

[Seaside Tapes] Vayu | Fashion LINK

[Self Released] Bus Kid | Medusa Slow Globe LINK

[Self Released] Close to Monday | Interference LINK

[Self Released] Gryff | Calypso Drip FM LINK

[Self Released] AV 0 | MODA86 LINK*

[Self Released] Isaac Challis Eaton | Goes to the Store LINK

[Serotonin Jackalope] Various Artists | Night_Beach.mp3 LINK

[SOUR] Summer Night UFO | Summer Night UFO LINK*

[Strange Noise Records] The Rita | Thousands Of Dead Gods LINK*

[Tephra Music] Benjamin Gibert | Taihua LINK

[TimeSlave Recordings] New Arcades | Returning Home LINK

[TimeSlave Recordings] Occams Laser | Odyssey of Noise (Triple Pack) LINK

[TimeSlave Recordings] Futurecop! | The Movie LINK

[TimeSlave Recordings] Ace Buchannon | Eye of the Storm LINK

[Underwater Computing_] Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza | Transversal Worldwide Shopping LINK

[Underwater Computing_] Lost Cascades | The Moonlight Saga LINK

[Wave Racers Collective] Strawberry Station | Yesterday’s Jam LINK

*Still awaiting links from vendors. Will update as they are received.

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